Performance counter alarms are delayed.


Although a performance counter monitor set is configured  to create an alarm after 1 minute the alarm is generated much later.

Example monitor set


The Monitor set detects an alarm condition prior to 10:33 but the first alarm you receive is at 10:34


The first alarm is created at 10:34 well over the 1 minute specified in the monitor set.




If the Interval is greater than 0 then two "Sample intervals" are required before Kaseya will know if the machine has been in an alarm condition longer than just at the time it was sampled. Kaseya then has to wait for the next "Sample" interval before it will knows if the machine has been in an alarm condition for a period of time. In this case that sample interval is 20 minutes so Kaseya has to wait 20 minutes for the next update. At this time Kaseya is able to calculate if the machine has been in an alarm condition greater than the "Duration" time or not and possibly creating an alarm.



You can avoid this delay altogether by setting setting the "Delay" to 0 or you can reduce the time between each sample. 


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