Time inside an Event Alert does not match the time settings on the System > Configure page.

The time inside an Event Alert does not match the time settings on the System > Configure page. 

Take this event alert for example: 

Log: Application
AgentTime: 2012-03-20 23:06:20Z
EventTime: 10:05:55 PM 20-Mar-2012 UTC
Computer: MYServer
Description:The log disk is full for storage group "First Storage Group".Attempting to unmount all databases in this storage group.


The Agent Time stamp inside the alert message is the alert time passed up between the agent and theKServer.  This is the date time on the agent machine when the alert was triggered.  Because we have no point of reference when creating the alert message, we are not able to convert it to a variable time zone. The time stamp inside the alert message at this point is just a string. Imagine sending the alert email to 2 different addressees who happen to be indifferent time zones.  How would we know what time zone to use to convert the time stamp?  Throw in the fact that the alert message is also used inside the body of tickets, now you have another possible time zone. Therefore, the time stamp in the body of the alert message is fixed at its original value from the agent machine.           
Because the alert record timestamp is in the database, it can be adjusted for display in the browser according to the user preferences.  But the timestamp inside the message is just a string, we are not able to convertit.            
In short, we can convert the time in our database using the settings on the System > Configure page. But the time displayed in text format "inside" the alert cannot be changed.

Applies To: All Versions

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