What support do I need to diagnose Log Parser problems?

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When reporting a problem with the Log Parser, there are several pieces of information that are required to track down any issues.


ZIP and send/attach the following files

The log that you are trying to parse - c:\program files\myapp\logs\log_file.log
The log parser definition from the machine doing the log parsing - <kaseya temp dir*>\KlogConfig\LogParsers.xml

Please tell us the name of the Log parser
Please tell us the machine that the log parser is running on
Please share the parser so that we are able to see and edit the parser if necessary.

With this information we will be able to find any problems with the set and advise if changes are necessary.


Please note that the parser sets are a little different from other parts of kaseya.


If I am checking a log and want to be alerted when $errorcode$ contains "failure" or "banned", i need to define 2 parser sets, i cannot use 1 set to look for the 2 messages, this is because the logic in the parser set uses the AND operator. Instead i have to have 2 sets - one that looks for errorcode=failure and another where errorcode=banned, the parser sets use the OR operator.




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