Why does SNMPGet.exe keep running with SNMP turned off?

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All SNMP monitoring is turned off for a machine, but the machine keeps running SNMPGet.exe instances about every 30 seconds. How do I turn it off?

An SNMP monitor set was deployed, but then the Lan Watch and SNMP Read Community info was removed before un-assigning the SNMP set. So the Set was still active in Kaseya. In addition, the xml file for this monitor set was deleted manually from the kmonitorsets directory. Since the Kaseya Agent still had the monitor set loaded in active memory, it continued to run instances of SNMPGet.exe to collect data.



To remove SNMP Activity on a LAN Watch machine properly:

1. Un-assign all SNMP sets from the machine.

2. Change the LAN Watch configuration to remove the SNMP Read Community.

NOTE: If you perform step 2 first, then add the Read Community string back into the Lan Watch configuration, and the assigned SNMP functionality and set will re-appear. Then perform step 1 and 2 in order. 

If after removing the community string and Lan Watch / SNMP from your machine - if you are still getting SNMPGet.exe running, then perform the following: 

1. Remote FTP to the machine that is running SNMPGet.exe. 
2. Go to the \kMonitorSets directory.
3. Delete all the XML files with the naming convention KSNMPMon$....
4. Stop and re-start the Agent service on the machine to clear the agent cache of SNMP commands.



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