Agent status page / Country column shows "Reserved"

On the agent status page, if you have the "Country" column enabled, you see some machines have "Reserved" as a Country name.

Kaseya has a concept called "Connection Gateway". This is the last IP address that the agent passes through before reaching the Kaseya server.
Typically, this is the external address of the router/firewall at the remote site. If you have a 192.168.0.x network NATed behind a router with the address, then you would see the agents IP Address as, which is the local address of the agent on the LAN, but you will also see the Connection Gateway as, as this is the address that the agent shows to the Kaseya server - it is the public IP address of the machine.

Kaseya uses the Connection Gateway address to lookup the Country by IP address. There is a database table that stores this list of IP addresses and the countries that they have been issued to.

If the agent is on the same LAN as the Kaseya server, then the Connection Gateway - the last address that the agent passes through before hitting the Kaseya server will be its local IP address -, as the traffic has not been NATed ro passed through the external interface of the router.

This means that Kaseya will see the IP address as and also the Connection Gateway will be (no NAT, no router, not external address, just a direct connection across the LAN, WAN or even VPN)

When Kaseya looks up with country owns, it returns "reserved", as this type of address is not country specific - it is a reserved address.

There is no way to avoid this. You could force the agents that are on the LAN to send their traffic out through the router and then come back in after being NATed, so that the Kaseya server would see the external IP address of the router, however this is not advised, as the agents should use the shortest route to the Kaseya server.

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