How to Create and Update a Custom Field

What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields are used to store additional information for your managed Machines. You can maintain an unlimited number of custom fields of information about managed machines. Custom fields can also be maintained on the Audit > Machine Summary page. Custom fields are supported in Views, Procedures, and Reports. Custom reports do not support more than 40 custom fields.

How to Create and Update a Custom Field?

In this example we will create a custom field for 'Anti-Malware' and then create an Agent Procedure to check for Windows Defender we will then run the procedure against an agent to populate the custom field.

Create a New Custom Field

1. Via "Audit > Machine Summary > +New Custom Field button": mceclip0.png

2. Enter the Name and Type for the Custom Field and hit "Save":


NoteOnce the Custom Field has been created we can now create an Agent Procedure to populate data into this field. 

Create a Procedure to populate the Custom Field

1. Via "Agent Procedure > Schedule / Create > +New Procedure button": mceclip2.png

2. For this example we are going to look for Windows Defender by checking for the service 'WinDefend' using the command 'isServiceRunning': 


3. We then update the Custom Field by using the command 'updateSystemInfo' and enter the value we want to update the custom field within this case 'Windows Defender'


4. Save this procedure:


Note: Now that we have the Custom Field created and a Procedure created to populate the field we can run this Procedure on any agent.

Populating the Custom Field 

1. Via "Agent Procedure > Schedule / Create" select the procedure

2. Select the required agents and either "Run Now" or "Schedule"

3. This will populate the Custom Field if Windows Defender is found:


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