How can I get a quick overview of my Kaseya database and background activity


How can I get a quick overview of the Database background activity?



A quick way to get an overview of the database background activity is to look at the perftest.asp page.

To go to this page navigate to the following URL.

(Kaseya URL)/inc/perftest.asp

This page holds a quick overview of the following.

- Number of Agents active

- SQL server configuration (Memory allocated and SQL type)

- System Information of the SQL server hardware

- List of databases associated with the instance Kaseya database is located on

- SQL broker conversations

- Database size and free space

- Top 10 largest group of tables in Database

- Top 25 Largest Database tables

- Log Configuration

- Top 20 Script Schedule parameters ordered by count

- Agents flooding database with Windows Event Logs



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