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Pop-up stating KServer and Database clocks out of sync


When I log in, I get the following message that my Kaseya server and Database server clocks are out of sync. How do I resolve this?

KServer and Database clocks out of sync

Your KServer and database server clocks are not in sync. Please set the system clock on your database server and KServer to the same time and timezone. 


Make sure that your Kaseya server and SQL server both have the same time. In the bottom right hand corner, look at the time and ensure that the time on both the Kaseya Server and SQL server match up and also make sure that they are in the right time zone. 

Once you do this, run a reapply schema on the server. You can do this on the System tab > Configure page > and click on 'Reapply Schema'.

If you reset the time on the Kaseya server and you are still receiving that error specifying that the times are off. Run the following command in SQL.


If the time here is different than what you have on the server itself, you will need to restart the SQL Server service.

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