What logs can I use to determine who made a change to a machine?


What logs can I use to determine who scheduled a procedure or made changes within Kaseya?



Within Kaseya, there are a variety logs that can be checked to troubleshoot user actions.

One such log, is the 'Configuration Changes' log. The 'Configuration Changes' log is ideal for troubleshooting changes to a specific machine. The 'Configuration Changes' log is viewable under the 'Agent Admin Logs' tab on the 'Agent > Agent Logs' page. Depending on how long you set your log collection under the Agent tab > Log History page, you will browse through and see all the actions that a Kaseya admin took on the system.

Another log to check overall system changes is the 'System Log'. The 'System Log' is viewable under the System tab > System Log.

Some modules have logs specifically for that module.

Policy Management has its own logs under Policy Management > Logs

Software Deployment has its own logs under Software Deployment > Application Logging.


Applies to:

All VSA Versions

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