How can I troubleshoot issues with Ticketing/Email Reader?


How can I troubleshoot issues with Ticketing/Email Reader?

Users are reporting that they are not receiving the auto-response when they raise tickets via email in addition to no new tickets being created on the system.



One possible cause is that either the mails are not being received by the mail server, or that Kaseya is having trouble reading them.
Firstly, check that the mails have reached the POP3 mailbox that you have configured for Kaseya to read mails from.
1. Go to the Ticketing tab -> Configure Ticketing -> Email Reader and make a note of the "Host Name", "Logon" and "Password". Click the "Disable email reader" button - we do not want Kaseya pulling the mails as we are trying to diagnose this.
2. Load your favourite POP3 reader - outlook express is sufficient or an online POP3 reader like will work as well.
3. Make a new account in the POP3 reader and use the same details that the Kaseya server is using (from step1). Be sure to set the POP3 reader to "leave messages on server", otherwise the POP3 reader will pull the messages before Kaseya gets a chance to.
4. Check to make sure that there are messages in the POP3 inbox, if there aren't this means that the users mails never reached the inbox. Send some mails to that address and see if you see them appear. Once you have confirmed that mails are appearing in the inbox, i.e. the mail delivery and server are working correctly, proceed:
5. The next step would be to raise a ticket with Kaseya SaaS support including the Host Name, Logon and Password credentials of the POP3 server in the ticket.


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Kaseya IT Center, IT Workbench


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