Server on which Kaseya is installed does not send out emails

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    The server on which Kaseya is installed does not send out emails and you find one of the following symptoms:
    1)  The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service cannot be started from the service control panel.
    2)  Alert emails, ticketing emails, and test email files from Kaseya appears in the SMTP pickup directory, e.g. c:\InetPub\mailRoot\Pickup, but are not processed.
    3)  Application Event Log or System Event Log entries indicate that the SMTP service is not functioning properly.


    Reinstall the SMTP service in Internet Information Services (IIS).

    The SMTP installation uses the home directory location of the default web site to initialize some of its internal metabase settings.  In order for IIS to work reliably, that setting must be the original default web site installation path.  Use the following procedure to reinstall the SMTP service for use with Kaseya.
    1. Open the Internet Information Services Manager found under Administrative Tools in the Start menu.
    2. Open the properties on the Default Web Site and select the Home Directory tab.
    3. Make a note of the existing location of the Local path.
    4. Set the Local path to c:\InetPub\WWWroot (original default web site installation path) and click the OK button.
    5. Open Add/Remove Programs and select Add/Remove Windows Components.
    6. On Windows Server 2003, first select Application Server and click the Details... button.  This step is not required on Windows 2000 and XP.
    7. Select Internet Information Services (IIS) and click the Details... button.
    8. Uncheck SMTP Service and click the OK button to complete the wizard to remove it.
    9. Reboot your server to insure that all components are removed.
    10. Repeat steps 5-7, then check the SMTP Service and click the OK button to complete the wizard to install it.
    11. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
    12. Set the Local path to the location noted in step 3 (e.g. c:\Kaseya\WebPages) and click the OK button.
    Existing email files in the Pickup directory will be processed immediately.  You may also send a test email from the Configure page under the System tab to verify email delivery from the Kaseya server.



    Microsoft Windows (All versions)
    Kaseya Agent (All versions)

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