How to reset a Passly User Password


How can we reset a User's password in Passly?



There are two possible types of user accounts that can use the self-password reset options for Passly. Local users or 2-Way synchronized users.

  1. Local or 2-Way synchronized users can reset their own Passly password by visiting the tenant login page and selecting "Forgot Password".
  2. User will then enter their username 
  3. After verifying your username you will see the options available for reset. 
  4. Users will be emailed via the address on their user account with a direct secure link to complete the reset.
    Note: If the Administrator has selected mceclip3.pngyou might be required to use 2FA to complete the actual reset.
  5. Clicking the "Key" in the reset email will launch the reset web page where you can complete the reset securely. 

Note: If the user does not see an option to allow for resetting their password then Directory Sync is likely enabled for only 1-way sync or the reset has been disabled for the organization. 
Reset via email must be enabled for this function. 




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