12/15/2023 Graphus Release Notes v5.06.14

This release includes a new integration between Graphus and Autotask.

New Features

Autotask Ticketing Integration with Graphus

The Autotask ticketing integration is a significant Graphus enhancement. Now, you can connect Graphus with Autotask and have tickets created automatically in Autotask for each of the Graphus alert types you select: Quarantine, EmployeeShield, and Phish911.

Integrating Graphus with Autotask will allow you to use Autotask as your central ticketing hub where you can monitor Graphus alerts from within Autotask. You will no longer need to rely on Graphus email notifications or monitor alerts from within Graphus. 

This integration provides you with the following benefits:

  • Manage tickets for all your organizations and customers in one central location in Graphus.
  • Set ticket attributes in Graphus for each alert type. Or, continue to manage attributes in Autotask via Ticket Categories.
  • Allow Graphus to close tickets in Autotask automatically. This keeps Graphus alerts and Autotask tickets in sync and prevents tickets from being left open for alerts that have been closed within Graphus.
  • Provide easier workflow for your technicians. When a ticket is created in Autotask, a URL in the ticket leads to a dedicated alert investigation page in Graphus.


For more details, see the article Autotask ticketing integration.

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