12/11/2023 Graphus Release Notes v5.06.13

This release includes new features.

New Features

The new Automatic User Access feature is added in Graphus. Once you have enabled KaseyaOne Unified Login for your organization, you can automatically allow KaseyaOne users access to Graphus without the need to create a separate Graphus user account. This applies when a user attempts to log into Graphus on the Graphus login page using their KaseyaOne account credentials or tries to access Graphus from the KaseyaOne site page. Additionally, you must select a default access role when using the Automatic User Access functionality; this will be automatically assigned to the newly generated users. 

The Enable Automatic User Access toggle is available from the MSP Administration section on the new KaseyaOne navigation menu item.

Note: The Enable Log In with KaseyaOne toggle must be activated before the Automatic User Access feature can be enabled. When toggle is enabled, all users from KaseyaOne can log into Graphus using KaseyaOne Unified Login.


For more details, see the article Set up Automatic User Access with KaseyaOne for Graphus

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