11/20/2023 Graphus Release Notes v5.06.12

This release includes new features.

New Features

Personal Spam Filter 

The new Personal Spam Filter feature in Graphus targets unwanted emails (graymail) that get past most spam filters and operates in addition to the Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace spam filters.

It offers the following core functionalities:

  • Personal spam filter
  • Organization spam filter

The personal spam filter provides individual spam filtering functionality to each email recipient. When a recipient determines that an email is unwanted and should be blocked, the recipient can mark the email as spam by clicking Block as Junk in the EmployeeShield banner. Future emails from this sender that are intended for the recipient will be blocked. However, other organization recipients will continue receiving emails from this sender.

Spam filter 56.png

The organization spam filter allows administrators to manage a list of senders to block at the organization level. This filter applies to all email recipients in the organization. Meaning, that all emails sent from the addresses configured in the filter are blocked globally.  

For more information about the feature, see the article Enabling the Graphus Spam Filter

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