Spanning for Salesforce Integration: Backup Status, Tenant Details and more in / Unitrends MSP

Spanning Backup for Salesforce, is pleased to announce our latest IT Complete integration with the Unitrends Cloud Backup Portal (Depending on your market it may also be known as:, Unitrends MSP, UniView 2.0)


Managing backups can take up to 33% of a technician's time and this only gets more complicated when protecting multiple platforms with multiple backup technologies. Our upcoming integrations are aimed at reducing this burden by providing Backup Status, Tenant Information and more directly through our Unified Backup Portal.


Configure integration 

To get started you will need to log into Spanning Backup for Salesforce and navigate to the settings page. Initial configuration requires access to the tenant as Spanning Administrator (or Salesforce System Administrator):

  1. Login to Spanning Backup for Salesforce as Spanning Administrator (or Salesforce System Administrator). 
  2. Navigate to Settings. 
  3. Navigate to Kasya IT Complete Features tab. 
  4. At the bottom of the page Click Link External Backup.Net Organization. You will be required to provide your Salesforce credentials and your credentials once more to validate your identity and proceed with the binding. Ensure you have these details ready before following the steps below:


You will be redirected to the Salesforce login screen to confirm your identity:


Then, you will login to your account:



Once identity is confirmed, you will be able to complete integration with (UniView) using the 'Add' action. You can optionally specify the organization you wish to attach Spanning tenant within your account.


Once it is done, you will be redirected to your Spanning account and will be able to see your connection between Spanning and was completed:


Disable integration

You may disable the integration at any time by removing the link to Organization. It will require authentication in Salesforce with your Spanning Administrator (or Salesforce System Administrator) account. Once this process is completed the binding will be disabled.

You will be required to provide all of the information above and go through all of the steps if you wish to bind to the previous or a new organization.

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