06/05/2023 Graphus Release Notes v5.06.08

This release includes enhancements and bug fixes. 


The user interface has been refreshed on the Settings page for EmployeeShield®. These improvements aim to harmonize all EmployeeShield® information under one section. Additionally, tooltips have been added to provide more information about specific settings. 

  • Improved UI for the EmployeeShield® Banner section:
    • The banner message has been updated. 

    • The look and feel of the Rollout, Recipient Interaction, and Message sections have been enhanced. 
    • The Application on Suspicious and Not Yet Trusted Senders section has been merged with EmployeeShield® Banner.

Note: To learn more, please refer to the following Kaseya Knowledge Base article that walks you through a step-by-step process for EmployeeShield® Banner Guide.


    • The EmployeeShield® Application on Suspicious and Not Yet Trusted Senders section is now a subpart of the EmployeeShield® Banner. It will now show as an Application to New & Not Yet Trusted Senders.


Here is a quick look for you:




  • We fixed a bug where the bannered email was not showing a complete email address in the email content for the organization.

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