03/06/2023 Graphus Release Notes v5.06.03

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes. 

New Features

  • Implemented Cards to the Organization and Organization User Management dashboard pages. The new Organization dashboard page updates include the following:
    • The Threat Intelligence and Recipient Actions data are on the newly added Dashboard cards. In addition, you can view processed emails and protected inbox information on the Analyzed card. Clicking on one of the blue numbers within the cards will take you to a new page with more detailed information.
      • Threat Intelligence: 
        • Quarantined attacks will show the number of phishing attacks the system or admin quarantined.
        •  Recurring attacks will show the number of phishing attacks sent from one sender/domain to multiple recipients or multiple items to the same recipients. 
      • Recipient Actions:
        • Deleted By Recipient will show the number of emails that were marked with an EmployeeShield banner and got deleted by the email recipient.
        • Reported via Phish911 will show the number of emails reported for review using the Phish911 feature.
      • Analyzed:
        • This card aims to provide a clear and accurate number of processed emails with protected inboxes.


 The Organization User Management dashboard page updates include new cards for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace User Management: 

  • The Billed G-Suite Users card shows the number of billed Goggle Workspace users/inboxes. 
  • The Suspended G_Suite Users page provides the total number of suspended users. Graphus does not bill you for suspended accounts.


  • The Billed Microsoft Users card shows the number of billed Microsoft users with an assigned billed MS 365 license. 
  • The Protected Microsoft Users card shows the number of protected users, including licensed and unlicensed MS 365 accounts.



User Interface Improvements 

UI has been refreshed according to Kaseya standards to provide a better user experience and simplify UX across products.

  • Improvements include minor UI enhancements and functional adjustments to the dropdown feature on the following pages: Settings, IT Glue integration, Add from IT Glue on Add Organization from IT Glue modal, Activity, Report, User Management under MSP Administration, and Pagination for all pages with tables.
  • Updated minor changes to the MSP Administration page. Removed Enable login with KaseyaOne and Disable login with KaseyaOne buttons on the MSP Administration page and added a toggle button for administrators under the KaseyaOne icon in the top navigation bar.
    • Enable the toggle button to allow login via KaseyaOne. This will enable your users to activate single sign-on with KaseyaOne. Once you enable the toggle, the page will redirect you to KaseyaOne to complete the activation.


    • Disable the toggle button to disable login via KaseyaOne. This will disable your users from using single sign-on with KaseyaOne.


To learn more about these features, please refer to the following Kaseya Knowledge base article that walks you through a step-by-step process for Graphus KaseyaOne Integration Guide – Kaseya


  • Fixed an issue where a user could select more than 10 alerts for un-quarantine on EmployeeShield® or Quarantine. Now an alert popup will appear and warn you. Click Ok will cancel the process, and a modal window doesn't appear for further proceeding.  




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