VSA Backup, Recovery and Standby Strategies


What are the ways to backup, recover and develop Standby Strategies for the Kaseya VSA?



There are a number of ways today to backup and recover the Kaseya VSA and it depends on the environment that the VSA is running. In today's world, most people now run Window Servers virtually under VMware or Hyper-V (these being the most popular). There are still those that do run Kaseya from physical servers and others that may have a combination. Kaseya itself uses VMware and Hyper-V to run it's SaaS customers. Depending on the size of your implementation, you may have a single server or a split configuration (one application server separate from a database server). This KB will go over some of the recommended Strategies to backup your Kaseya Environment that we support.


The Built-In Database Backup

The database is your most critical asset in the VSA second to the files that are stored on the application server. Kaseya has a built in backup in the VSA that executes a database backup every 7 days by default in the System->Configure page. It's highly recommend to change this to 1 time a day for daily backups. Kaseya keeps 2 copies of the backup by default, so it's recommended that you copy this file to other storage on a daily basis especially if you need more than 2 copies. Additionally, on a split configuration where the database server is separate from the application server, the folder path has to be located on the database server.




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