How to customize the ciphers in Kaseya

We can customize the ciphers in the KaseyaEdgeServices.config file.

Deleting specific ciphers enables the customer to limit the type of ciphers offered to clients ( for e.g removing DES ciphers will disable all 3DES cipher suites).

Please note that limiting cipher suites will also break compatibility with clients that do not support modern cipher suites (i.e. older browsers and operating systems).

You can make these changes in the C:\Kaseya\Services\KaseyaEdgeServices.config file on the KServer.

Please follow the below steps to customize the cipher on the Kaseya server.

1) Navigate to <Kaseya installation directory>:\Kaseya\Services
2) Backup the KaseyaEdgeServices.config file by renaming it something like KaseyaEdgeServices.config.OLD
3) Copy the attached KaseyaEdgeServices.config file into the ...\Kaseya\Services directory
4) Check the old KaseyaEdgeServices.config for any differences in the two files apart from the cipher list. There might also be additional commands denoting the status for TLS/SSL which you need to customize in the new config file as per requirement.
5) Restart the Windows Service called "Kaseya Edge Services" for the change to take effect. This will involve a down time of few minutes, so it is recommended to be done under a maintenance window of few minutes.
6) The same can be verified by checking your domain on


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