12/05/2022 Graphus Release Notes v5.05.17

This release includes improvements and fixes.


  • To improve the user experience, we have made a few UI tweaks and minor functional adjustments to the Dashboard Insights
    • We have redesigned the Donut and Line Charts on the Dashboard page: This dashboard aims to provide clear and punctual information regarding the alerts. The screen's center displays the Attacks Quarantined, EmployeeShield® Warnings, Quarantined By, EmployeeShield® Interactions, Phish911™ Reports, and Inboxes Protected that Graphus offers. You can hover your mouse over the individual slices or bars of the chart to view data percentages in detail.


    • The charts now have a new appearance and feel; you can view the data when you hover your mouse over them. Additionally, even if your dashboard contains no data, graphics of donut and line charts will still be visible. Here is a quick look for you.



  • We fixed an issue where the Toggle buttons were taking time to load.  

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