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11/07/2022 Graphus Release Notes v5.05.15

This release includes improvements and fixes.


  • For a better user experience, we have improved the File Uploading process in Graphus. With this release, you can see the changes in the following section: Whitelisting and Report Branding (MSP Admin's log). 
    • You can manually drag and drop files into the box or simply browse like earlier (select the desired file for the attachment).


  • After a successful upload, you can take actions on the page, like deleting the attached file. 



  • We fixed an issue where Add from IT Glue modal window would prefill with the first drop-down entry of the IT Glue organization. Now, you will see an empty field if you haven't selected any IT Glue Organization from the drop-down.
  • We fixed an issue where IT Glue Organization drop-down automatically pre-selects the "None" value on the mapping page. Now, you can select your desired organization name using the drop-down.

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