Vorex (v5.15.0) - 24 Sep 2022

The Vorex (v5.15.0) release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

Client Portal

Client Portal has been updated to match the new and improved Service Desk Interface, for a cohesive and more streamlined experience. Enjoy a consolidated search bar, matching icons, and the new in-line capability so you can simply click on a line item to modify and edit content as you work. Find the detailed guide here.

Ticket Delete Audit

Data Audit logs are added to Admin > Logs > System. When a ticket is deleted from any source (Manually - single or batch delete or API ) a log will be created here.

  • Navigate to Admin > Logs > System
  • Select Data Audit under Source Module
  • An Info log for ticket delete action will be logged here


Automated Billing

With Automated billing of services, MSPs want to be able to stop a service from a contract without having to delete the line item. A stop service button is added to facilitate this.

  • Navigate to Finance > Contracts > Recurring services > Open a line item
  • Stop service
  • This action is also logged in the contract history tab



Purchase order

  • A sales order is added as a column and a filter on the purchase order listing page.
  • When a purchase order is created from a sales order, the Sales order deep link is added to the Purchase order.


Deprecating Outlook Extension 

Vorex will be deprecating the Outlook Extension on September 24th, and we encourage users to enable the Calendar Sync that is supported through our Cronofy integration. Learn how to set it up here.


  • POST /v2/servicedesk/hardwareasset, This endpoint gives the ability to create hardware assets.

  • PUT /v2/servicedesk/hardwareasset/{assetId}, This endpoint allows users to update a hardware asset based on the Id.
  • PUT V2/crm/accounts/{Id} This endpoint gives the ability to update an account.
  • V2 API POST V2/crm/accounts is added. This endpoint enables users to add accounts.


Client Portal

Fixed: Service Desk > Tickets > In the Affected Hardware field, all the machine group ids synced from VSA were visible


Fixed: Copying a quote did not retain the derived items' Unit Cost

Service Desk

Fixed: Tickets were created from emails with no content in them


Fixed: Switching the UPC of the product was not updated


Fixed: Employees with the security role that did not have access to "My profile" were excluded for 2fa enrolment

My profile

Fixed: Updates made to the User profile were not saved

New Service Desk

Fixed: Editing a ticket where the company currency is set to Serbia Dinar threw an error

New Service Desk 

Fixed: Users were unable to delete product charges

New Service Desk 

Fixed: Assign dialogue was not working when the note was empty

Password Policy

Fixed: Password expiration emails were sent to Inactive users

Password policy

Fixed: Password expiry notification email was sent before the configured date

RMM Integration

Fixed: Machine Group IDs from VSA get truncated when showing in Admin > service desk > RMM Integration > Account synchronization > Link to existing > Custom Asset location mapping

Service Desk

Fixed: Service Desk > Tickets > Affected Software was not working as expected


Fixed: "Anyone Except Employees" trigger was not working with API users

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