Use Personal Access Token (PAT) with MSP Assist

How to use the VSA Personal Access Token (PAT) with MSP Assist?


  • Log into the VSA
  • Go to the Kaseya System/User Security/Users menu
  • Select the account being used for API access
  • Click on the "Access Tokens" TAB
  • Click New to create a New Token
    • Provide a Token Name 
    • Set an expiry date or leave it blank for it to never expire
    • Enable the "REST API (Read, Write)" API
    • Leave "REST API Access Rights" as "Inherit from User Role"
      • NOTE: The account must be system (SaaS) / master (ONP)
    • Leave "Accept requests from these server IP addresses" blank
  • If you want to create a PAT with more restrictive access then they can additionally do the above but with the following changes:
      • Set "REST API Access Rights" to Specify and select only the Categories required
      • Add IP Address to limit access to the API ONLY from these listed IP addresses:

MSP Assist

  • Go to your Kaseya Settings under the MSP Assist account
  • Find the Personal Access Token field, and paste the token obtained above.



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