Machines/Agents/Assets are not showing in ConnectWise or AutoTask


Machines/Agents/Assets are not showing up in ConnectWise or AutoTask. 


MSPAssist uses our API to get our data and then uses that data to create Machines/Agents/Assets in the third-party tool.

An important piece of the integration with MSPAssist is that a ticket needs to be created in order for the asset to appear in the third-party tool.
For example:
I onboard a new machine machinename-kaseya into Kaseya.
The only way that this machine will appear in AutoTask or ConnectWise is by having a ticket get created in Kaseya first (this will only need to be done once.)


The best way around this (to onboard a machine in Kaseya and it will appear in the third-party shortly afterward) is by setting up a Monitoring > Agent Monitoring > Alerts and using the New Agent Installed alert to create a ticket (per Machine Group basis):


Note: Without the ticket, the machine will not appear in MSPAssist and therefore, not appear in the third party tool.


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