Important update to BMS / VSA integration configuration


Updating your BMS / VSA integration to migrate from the legacy user-based VSA authentication to the modern token-based API authentication requires the following steps. 

For On-premises VSA Users, you need to take the following actions: 

  1. All dedicated user credentials used for basic authentication of API connections between BMS and VSA should be disabled and/or removed from the VSA system (i.e. bms_integration, etc) 
  2. All end-user credentials used for both user access via the UI/UX as well as basic authentication must have their password changed via a password reset process 
  3. All API integrations should be enabled via the token-based credentials based on the instructions in the following knowledge base article: Setting up VSA token-based authentication 

For SaaS VSA Users, we have automatically disabled all user credentials (items 1 and 2 above) used for basic authentication of BMS / VSA Integration. 

  1. All end-user credentials that were disabled but are needed for users to access the UI/UX should be manually re-enabled.  
  2. You will need to perform step 3 only to create new token-based credentials. 

These changes support modern security practices which rely on token-based API authentication methods instead of user credentials. 

Please contact Kaseya support if you encounter any issues in this process. 

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