Vorex (v5.14.0) - 6 Aug 2022

The Vorex (v5.14.0) release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

New Service Desk

Suggested Docs: For better visibility, IT Glue suggested docs and password dropdown are now placed above the Ticket title.


Opportunity Finder 

The Opportunity Finder unlocks the power to discover promising opportunities among your customer base. It calculates and identifies new revenue opportunities in Vorex and you can find the results organized by profitable services offered, profitable clients, and highest conversion probability. Find the detailed guide here.

Email Parser

Email parser uses OAuth now to support shared mailboxes for Office 365 servers with OAuth2.0 enabled.

  • Admin > Service Desk > Email Parser > Enable OAuth 2.0 Authentication: Yes > Shared Mailbox: Yes
  • Application ID and Directory ID of the mailbox are used to generate a token for authentication
  • Find the detailed guide here.

Outbound email 

Custom SMTP now supports OAuth 2.0 for Exchange Online

  • Admin > My company > Outbound email
  • Use Custom SMTP Settings: Yes > Enable OAuth 2.0 Authentication: Yes
  • Fill in the below values from your account
    • Application ID:
    • Directory ID:


  • GET /v2/crm/quotes/{quotationId} results now include

    • SalesRepresentativeId

    • SalesRepresentativeName

Flexible Assets

  • Flexible Assets Tool tip to indicate a free text field is added for IT Glue Flexible assets > Filter values field.



Fixed: Reset password email link threw an error for a user belonging to the Child tenant


Fixed: The unit price field displayed an incorrect calculation when a Quote was converted into a Sales Order


Fixed: External employee was not able to authenticate using /v2/security/authenticate 


Fixed: Currency in Quotes Notification did not inherit setting from Admin > Company Settings > Currency

Service Call

Fixed: Changing the start date on an existing Service call did not update the end date

Service Desk

Fixed: Deliver/ Purchase order buttons were displaying for a user who only had access to  Ticket view mode

Service Desk

Fixed: Ticket URL shared from Home > Queue did not contain necessary restrictions

New Service Desk

Fixed: Under Service Desk > Tickets > Add Time log > tabbing was not working as expected for the “Start Time” and “End Time” fields

New Service Desk 

Fixed: Internal Notes were not included in the email when the workflow was triggered

New Service Desk

Fixed: UI/UX, Under Service Desk > Ticket > Activities > Filter button bubble went over the Activities header

New Service Desk Dashboard

Fixed: Color overlapping was seen on Ticket Due widget > Overdue tab

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