Vorex (v5.13.0) - June 2022

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

IT Glue Flexible Assets

Two additional fields to further drill down values for a particular flexible asset are added. Find the detailed guide here.

  • Filter By - This drop-down containing all the field types created under the selected Flexible asset is added.
  • Filter Value(s) - A free text field to add one or many values for a selected flexible asset is added. 


New Service Desk

Add Note and Add Time buttons are enhanced to be shown as icon buttons on tickets.



Additional endpoints listed below are added to our V2 APIs. Find the API guide here.

  • Change Invoice Status
    • PATCH /v2/finance/invoices/marksent is added. This endpoint provides the ability to change the status of invoice(s) from ready to send to sent.
    • This is applicable only to invoices of status ”ready to send” and no pdf/invoices will be generated.
  • GET /v2/crm/opportunities/summary/{id} is added. This endpoint is used to load one opportunity based on a supplied id.
  • GET /v2/crm/opportunities. This endpoint is used to load all opportunities with the ability to filter and sort, and support for paging the result.
  • PUT /crm/opportunities/{id}. This endpoint is used to update an existing opportunity with the matching identifier {id}.
  • POST /v2/crm/opportunities is added. This endpoint is used to create a new Opportunity.
  • GET v2/time/timelogs is added. This endpoint returns the list of all Time logs


  •  /api/crm/servicequotations supports free items when adding or updating a Service Quotation.

Import Data

  • In the Excel template for importing products, products can be set as taxable.



Fixed: Random numbers were listed under in CRM > Accounts > Location


Fixed: Inactive roles were displayed to be added on contracts.


Fixed: In an invoice template, "Invoice Design Detail.Resolution Summary" text format in the New view was not matching the Legacy View.


Fixed: Ad-hoc reports > System reports > IT Glue reports threw an error 200

ServiceDesk dashboard

Fixed: In the ServiceDesk dashboard, For the Ticket by Queue widget, then drill down on the number of tickets related to any Queue did not match.


Fixed: Under Admin > Services, the Margin field threw an error when the Unit Cost was made 0

Quickbooks Desktop

Fixed: For any CRM accounts the city field was mapped to the State field when synced over to QuickBooks.The API returned the Account information from PSA was returning the same value for City and State.


Fixed: With MFA enabled and Remember Me checked during login, If the user tried to log in using another tab MFA was still requested for login.

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