Restore Lookup Relationships

Spanning Backup for Salesforce support restoring Salesforce lookup relationships. This type of relationships is more complex than any other relationships on Salesforce and Spanning Backup for Salesforce supports only limited amount of restore cases for lookup relationships. Important notes about restore functionality are below:

  • Restore is restoring only deleted objects and relationships.
  • Restore depth is 5 levels - Spanning can restore up to 5 levels of nested objects with lookup relationships. For example, Account <- Opportunity <- Contact <- Notes <- Reports. Any objects  linked to Reports won't be restored as Spanning hit limit if 5 levels.
  • Restore will stop once it find not-deleted object in the restore chain of the lookup relationships. For example, Account <- Opportunity (not deleted) <- Notes. In this case, only Account object will be restored and link between Opportunity and Account. Notes won't be restored in this case, even if it is deleted.
  • Restore doesn’t support circular relationships. For example, Account <- Opportunity <- Contact <- Notes and Opportunity <- Notes. In this case or any similar cases when we have circular relationship, Spanning will restore only objects without these circular relationships and will stop restore once it find circular relationship.
  • In care original restore was executed without option checked 'Restore lookup relationships' and the next operation is scheduled as restore with option 'Repair lookup relationships' the connection won't be established as the original request created new versions of the objects from backup and repair only creating connection between existing objects.

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