Can I restore metadata directly from the metadata comparison results?

Yes!  Once you compare metadata against components of the same org, or a different org, you can continue on to restore metadata directly from the comparison results page.

To restore metadata directly from the comparison results page, follow these steps:

1. You must first perform a metadata comparison using the steps found here:

How do I compare metadata using Spanning?

2. Once the comparison is complete, click the "Continue to restore" button in the upper-right corner of the results view page.  Please note that the restore button will only show up if the comparison results include metadata types that can be restored by Spanning Backup.


3. You can preview the metadata before performing the restore by clicking the "Preview" button when hovering over the metadata object:


4. Select the items to restore by checking the checkbox next to the items.  Once you're ready, click the "Next" button:


5. Verify the restore info and hit the "Restore" button when ready:


You can check the status of the restore in the Recent Activity section of your Spanning Dashboard.

To learn more about which metadata types are restorable within Spanning Backup, and how to restore metadata without running a comparison, please see this article:

How do I restore metadata into Salesforce using Spanning Backup?

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