Vorex (v5.12.0) - May 2022

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

Password Policy, Secure Password Creation & Notification

Security is top of mind for everybody in the MSP world, and Vorex is introducing new ways to customize the password policy settings for your accounts. 

Unit Cost enhancement

When working on quotes, MSPs would like to get estimates on the margin of profit they are making when selling an item using quotes. With this newest update, you can measure how much profit you are able to bring in from the services and products you offer! Find the detailed guide here.

Ingram Micro integration

Vorex has developed an Integration with Ingram Micro. This integration will help MSPs gather real-time pricing and availability from Ingram Micro when adding a product to a document. With Ingram Micro, you can easily view the prices of a selected item and order it directly from Vorex. Find the detailed guide here.

Time Sensitive: Business Hour Workflow Automation

The Business Hour Workflow Automation enables users to set up automated responses in Vorex that will function regardless of the time of day, within or outside business hours. This update adheres to your particular timezone and location. Find the detailed guide here.


  • Quotes


Admin Fixed: Tabbing was not working as expected in the Issue Type > Issue Sub types form.
Billing automation Fixed: Billing automation settings were not saved correctly for one particular scenario.
Repeat on: Day X of the month value was affected.
Inventory Fixed: When a product is added to a quote, the Price level option was not auto-filled based on the defaults from Lists > Products > Price level.
IT Complete Fixed: Login redirects failed during a specific flow.
New Service Desk Fixed: For Views, a tooltip is added to display the full name of a view on hover.

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