Vorex (v5.11.0) - Apr 2022

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

New Service Desk

SLA Status

SLA Status is now available for a ticket. The hyperlink displays details of the SLA in a pop-up.


Agent procedure logs

Agent procedure logs are now added to Ticket > Audit Log.


Quotes Expiry

When a quote expires the user can now update the Status and the Expiry Date values.

Probability percentage

CRM > Opportunities > Probability percentage is now shown with additional color ranges. The range is pre-defined by the system.


Billing Review

Additional options are added under Finance > Billing review > Labor Hours page:

  • Search by Ticket - Filter by ticket number is available on labor hours, expenses, and charges.
  • Sort by Date - Sort labor hours based on Date. This is the log date of the time entry in a ticket.



  • Ad-Hoc Reports
    • For Service Desk > Hardware asset category, the Last updated field is added. This data relates to Service Desk > Asset Management > Hardware asset > Last update column in the UI.


New Service Desk

Fixed: Tabbing was not working as expected on the new ticket creation form.


Fixed: QTY in the Committed field showed value discrepancies when the stock for a product was adjusted/delivered.


Fixed: In CRM > Quotes, clicking on the icon for bundles did not prompt the search and select window.

Dispatch Calendar

Fixed: Assigning a service call from the Dispatch calendar threw an error.

Customer Thermometer

Fixed: Customer Thermometer's score value in the "Internal Survey Scores" did not match the score value when shown in a report.

Deliver Charges

Fixed: Technicians were able to deliver a serialized product without entering any value in the serial number field.

Recurring Tickets Fixed: For recurring master tickets, the value for Create service calls tab was not saved.

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