BMS (v5.10.0) - Mar 2022

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Service Desk - Default Experience

In our earlier Release 5.0.0, we introduced a brand new Service Desk Experience.

  • The new ticketing interface is made default for all new users/tenants and on profiles that never switched over to the new view.
  • Users can choose to change back to Legacy mode under My Settings > Preferences > Service Desk Experience > Legacy view. Find the detailed guide here.

New Features

Leverage IT Glue Flexible Assets to Automate Billing in BMS

You can now leverage your existing IT Glue Flexible Assets documentation to automate your billing process. Whether you want to include a service or application such as Microsoft 365, you can now automatically add items based on a license count. This integration will help you automate the process of updating these asset types and their values inside BMS. Find the detailed guide here.

New Service Desk

Deliver Charges

The ability to Deliver a charge from the Ticket is available.



Show resolved tickets

  • Show resolved tickets toggle is added for Tickets By Queue, Ticket by Issue Type, Ticket By Assignee, and Tickets By Priority Widgets.
  • By default, resolved tickets are excluded from the widget graphs. Use the toggle to include resolved tickets.


Drill down option

  • For Widgets Tickets By Queue and Tickets By Status drill-down feature will redirect users to the listing page to display only the items that match the filter.

Edit Widget

Edit functionality is available on the Ticket by Issue Types Widget.

Billing automation

Billing automation Action Types dropdowns are renamed. Find the detailed guide here.


Additional endpoints listed below are added to our V2 APIs. Find the API guide here.

  • GET /v2/finance/invoices/{id}} is added. This endpoint returns one invoice object for the matching identifier (Id).
  • GET /v2/finance/invoices/summary is added. This endpoint returns a list of all the invoices.
  • POST /v2/finance/invoices/details is added. This endpoint returns an array list of Invoice Details.
  • POST /v2/system/tenantlookup/{tableName} is added. This endpoint will accept one object of type lookup for the table name used.

Vorex IT Glue Live ticketing

Integrating IT Glue with Vorex allows you to open, update, and resolve Vorex tickets directly in IT Glue without having to switch between the applications. Follow this article to set up Vorex Live Ticketing in your IT Glue account.


  • Inventory
    • The serial number field is exposed to the UI. Navigate to:
      • Inventory > Product availability > Product listing
      • Service Desk > Tickets > Charges Tab > Add a product
      • Projects > Charges Tab > Add a product
  • Quickbooks Desktop: Filter by Class is added for Invoices on the QuickBooks Desktop connector. 
  • In CRM, the Opportunity created date is displayed in the Creation form, Columns view, and listing.


New Service Desk Fixed: Ticket listing > Ticket > Right-click > Open in new tab, failed. 
New Service Desk Fixed: Ctrl+C was not working as expected on Edge browsers.
New Service Desk Fixed: Assign to me shortcut was not displayed when the HR > Employee records were more than 100.
Dispatch Calendar Fixed: Home> Dispatch calendar > Workweek threw an error 500
Email parser Fixed:  When appending the replies to the original ticket, Tickets with .001 as a prefix was not detected by the email parser.
Admin Fixed: Under Admin Module > My Company > Administrative Work > Tasks, Work Type status changes were not displayed correctly.

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