Passly 7.1.12 - Release Notes

Date: February 17th 2022

New functionality

Passly Users Profile

The "My Profile" section has changed to "My Settings" in the top right corner of the UI. This is where users can add "Recovery numbers" & reset their own tokens. 


Report Manager

The Passly team has added a new left menu item, Report Manager.

We have added a new Role in Directory Manager > Report Manager. Report Managers have the ability if added to Vault Manager to report on the Vaults they have access.

The Report Manager is where we will be adding the reporting and dashboard functionality in the future. In the first release we have enabled Password Server > User Reports.

You can access Report Manager from the left menu. 


For help with using this new Feature please check out this article.


AuthAnvil On-Premises Password Server

If you have a legacy AAOP Password Server you can now migrate your Notes during the migration. Please see this article for steps on migrating.


IT Complete

We have changed the Headers on the Passly tenants to include Kaseya's IT Complete look and feel changes to unify our products user experience. You will see the following changes. 

The Kaseya "K" mceclip3.pngin the top right corner is now a direct link to

Selecting the "?" symbol mceclip5.pngwill reveal a new menu to access Help, Knowledge base, Academy, Status, Suggest a Feature, Release notes, Legal.

Darkweb ID Integration

We are now using the Darkweb Compromise Engine v2.0 in Passly. Check out this link for more information on Darkweb ID 


Defect Fixes 

Infrastructure changes

We have added new API's related to the Report Manager. Check the Auth Manager > API explorer under "ReportingEngine" to review.


  • Prevent reuse of reset password tokens: We have resolved an issue where in certain conditions it was possible to reuse the one-time passwords during the password reset. No action is needed by administrators as this was a tenant side fix.
  • One-Time Passwords: OTP could be used when expired and multiple times. We have resolved an issue where in certain conditions it was possible to reuse the one-time passwords for endpoint authentication. No action is needed by administrators as this was a tenant side fix.
  • Forget Password: Password reset fails after entering previous password. This is now fixed and self-service password resets from the login page will work as expected.

Directory Manager

  • Report manager: We added a new "Role" for "Report Manager", this role is linked to the new Report Manager tab. This permissions is required if the user is not an Administrator in order to view and create Reports. 
  • Directory Sync: DirSync version to 7.1.0. You will need to upgrade to the latest version to the changes mentioned in this release. This article will guide you through the process.
  • Directory Sync: We have made changes to how the OU's are selected. 
  • Directory Sync: We fixed and issue where the DirSync agent then created users in AD are not created in parent tenant (also actual for groups).
    Cause: This issue was caused by the following error "System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.DbUpdateException: An error occurred while updating the entries."
  • Directory Manager: Organizations are not removed when invoking delete action. This is now resolved and Org's selected for deletion will be deleted. Please note once you delete an org there is no way to recover a removed organisation. 
  • Directory Manager: Roles > Vault Exporter. This role doesn't display in the Add Roles dialog box in the tenant when System Manager has enabled Password Server for tenant. We have resolved this issue.
  • Directory Sync: Some OUs were getting selected automatically even if user unselected them. This has been resolved.

Password Server

  • Vault Manager: The database type automatically changed to MS/SQL when user creates a Database Password with different database type and checked Ignore the Vault Password Policy. This is now resolved.
  • Import / Export:  Internal scroll bar disappears in Export Passwords dialog box when the user has maximized browser. This is now resolved. 

Policy Manager

  • Device Trust:  Trusted devices are not trusted. We resolved an issue related to trust where devices were not being cleared as would be expected. This is now fixed.
  • Policy Manager: We resolved an issue where expired trusted devices are shown in the trusted devices list.
  • Policy Manager: [Authentication] Different browsers aren't added to the Trusted Devices list when logged into tenant/org and one browser is added to the Trusted Devices list. This has been cleared up and should be resolved.


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