Passly 7.1.11 - Release Notes

Date Jan. 19th, 2022 

We have released Passly v7.1.11 with the following fixes and issue resolutions.


New functionality

Password Server 

The integrated Password Server now supports exporting passwords in clear text. 

Please check out this KB for more information. 

Windows Logon agent

Override Group functionality was changed. Admins will no longer need to select a group from a drop down. Passly now uses a static override group for all servers, workstations, laptops & desktops. You will need to manually create the Passly Override Group going forward.
Domain Joined Machines. You will need to create an Active Directory Security group called "PasslyOverrideGroup".
Stand-alone Windows machines. You will need to create a local Security group called "PasslyOverrideGroup" on the specific machine.


Defect Fixes 

Single Sign On Assistant Browser Extension

  • [Extension] Passly is broken after changing permissions. We fixed an issue where changing the permissions on the extension broke the extension. 
  • [Extension] Passly Browser extension naming issue. We fixed an issue with naming password records as you save them in the extension.
  • [Extension] - Can't save the credentials if using the same username at different sites. This issue is resolved now.
  • [Extension] User is logged out after attempting to create password. This issue is resolved now.

IT Complete

  • IT Complete - Enable button displays incorrectly when click on it at Passly associated screen. 
  • IT Complete - Email is not sending to user during forgot password reset flow. 

Windows Logon Agent

Override Groups

We have resolved Several issues related to the Override groups and the Windows Logon Agent.

  • WLA Does Not Respect Local Override Groups
  • WLA: change override group combobox to binary(on/off) checkbox
  • WLA : PasslyOverrideGroup reserving; change endpoint to save WLA config with reserved override group
  • WLA Override Groups only work if the group is in Active Directory.
  • WLA The override group is not working with the Windows logon agent for a specific tenant

Device trust

  • WLA: Fixed trusted device duplicates
  • WLA: Agent offline option works unstable. Some machines had an error login in with WLA offline option

Directory Synchronisation

  • DirSync: Some OUs getting selected automatically even if user unselected them
  • Directory manager User accounts: : Username is displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer when user is remembered

Single Sign on Manager

  • SSO manager: Application policy doesn't override default organization policy.
  • Office 365 with Intune: Intune wrong username password fix.



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