BMS (v5.8.0) - Jan 2022

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

Reminder: New Service Desk

In our earlier Release 5.0.0, we introduced a brand New Service Desk Experience. Navigate to My Settings > Preferences > Service Desk Experience > New view to enable the new ticketing interface. Find the detailed guide here.

New Features! 

New Service Desk

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are introduced with New Service Desk. Alt + / will list the shortcuts applicable on your screen. Find the detailed guide here.

Free Type Text - Date and Time

Adding Time entry in New Service Desk supports free text in the Date and Time fields.


Select Complete field

When clicking on

    • Any editable field on the side panel, data in the field will be completely selected. Any typed text will replace the field selected
    • Any field with a drop-down list will directly open.

Etilize Integration

BMS users can make use of the Etilize catalog to search products, get prices from integrated distributors and add them in CRM > Quotes. Etilize will be a server-to-server Integration with BMS. Find the detailed guide here

Email notifications

Email notifications to cc's won't be duplicated. Notifications are separated based on the type of resource and whether the note posted is private or public.
Find the detailed guide here.

Email Parser

BMS now supports emails with subjects that may contain multiple hashtags in them.
Find the detailed guide here.


  • Quickbooks Desktop version 2022, QB SDK 15 is officially supported. Navigate to Home > Downloads > Quickbooks > Download V2 to download the latest file.
  • Client portal users can see time entries and time entry notes. This is an admin-controlled setting.
    • Navigate to Admin module > Company Settings > Service Desk > Show Time Entries in Client Portal.
    • Choose Yes to Display Time Entry and Time Entry notes for a Client Portal user.
    • This will only show Public notes to the end-user. 
  • API users will no longer be enforced for MFA.
    • If your tenant has  "Require MFA for non-SSO users" set to "Yes", the API user will be able to generate the access token. API user guide can be found here 
  • Email Parser - The Date and Time of the "Last Time Email Received" column now follows the location timezone of the logged-in user.
  • V1 API -Document update for PUT https://server_name/api/servicedesk/tickets/{id}-
    • Queue Id or Primary Assignee Id is required (one is required)
    • Primary Assignee Id or Queue Id is required (one is required)


New Service Desk

Fixed: The time spent field was not auto refreshed for a particular use case. 

New Service Desk

Fixed: Search filters with the (_) special character in their ticket statuses were not showing any tickets in the results. 

New Service Desk

Fixed: Queues with the special characters were not showing any tickets in the results. 

Software Asset

Fixed: If the contact field was empty the first contact name was saved by default.

Service Desk

Fixed: Deleting a recurring master ticket showed an error 500. 

Service Desk

Fixed: Creating Ticket by ContactID failed.


Fixed: Incorrect Unit Costs on Quotation line items were displayed during a particular use case.


Fixed: Product imports failed with an error. 

Client portal

Fixed: "New Ticket" button disappeared when the Client portal page screen size was reduced. 

Billing Automation

Fixed: Generate invoice was not respecting filter by Classes.

Billing automation

Fixed: In an active job, if any invoice was found to have a negative value, the job would fail. 


Fixed: /v2/servicedesk/tickets/{ticketId}/surveyhistory showed incorrect data. 


Fixed: Running "IMPORT TASKS" API to create a sub-task under an existing task did not create a subtask. 

Xero Integration

Fixed: Transfer of the unit price values did not respect the 3 decimal points in Xero.

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