Adding a Sub-Organization in Passly

As an MSP you will need to setup a Sub-Organization in Passly if you want to logically separate your customers,

Adding a new Organization

  1. Log into your Passly tenant https://(companyname) as an Administrator.
  2. Select Directory Manager > Organizations.
  3. Select the blue plus sign. 
  4. Name the organisation. Set the organisation URL.
    (We recommended shorting the URL portion to increase adoption and ease of use.)
    Note: The URL can not be changed once the Organization is created.
  5. Select Add Organization.
  6. Select the Organization name once crated. This will allow you to edit the org's settings.

Basic information

Here you can set the default authentication policy & Principal Name Suffix (used with Office 365).

  1. You can also update the Org's logo here.

Password Policy

Here you can set your Org's specific password requirements, the lockout thresholds and your Password strength settings.

Note: If you are using 2-way sync with DirSync we recommend matching the Minimum Length & Maximum Age to the group policy applied to the OU's you are syncing,



Once you have created the organization you will need to license users before you can use it.

  1. Select the 3 ellipses to edit the organization. 
  2. Select Edit
  3. Set the Licenses to use Premium, Enable the Password Server.
  4. select Save changes when you are happy with the settings.







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