AUSI Agent 0.0.1 Removal

Due to significant changes in the AUSI agent 0.0.3 we can’t simply update AUSI 0.0.1 with the installer. Full deinstallation with manual interventions is needed.

Below is the guide on how to uninstall AUSI 0.0.1 properly in order to install AUSI update.

  1. Remove “Passly Advanced User Sync Integration” ver 0.0.1 from 'Programs and Features':



  2. Go to %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Kaseya and remove following folders:

    1. .\AUSI

    2. .\Manager



  3. Go to ‘Registry Editor’ (regedit) and remove following keys:

    1. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Kaseya\Passly\AgentManager_Random1

    2. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Kaseya\Passly\DirSync-Random1

    3. :warning: DO NOT REMOVE HKLM\Kaseya\Passly\DeviceKey



  4. Go to Windows Services (services.msc) and check that AUSI related services were removed:



  5. Go to Passly → Directory Manager → Directory Sync and remove our AUSI agent:



  6. Now you can install the latest version of AUSI agent and set it up.

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