Vorex (v5.6.0) - Oct 2021

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

What's New! 

Reminder: New Service Desk

In our previous Release 5.0.0, we introduced a brand New Service Desk Experience. Navigate to My Settings > Preferences > Service Desk Experience > New view to enable the new ticketing interface. Find the detailed guide here.


Suggested Docs from IT Glue are available on a ticket. Open a ticket and navigate to the Related Items tab. Find the detailed guide here.



New Service Desk Dashboard

We have introduced a new Service Desk Dashboard experience for ticketing. Find the detailed guide here.

Use VSA Access Token: Vorex | VSA Integration

IMPORTANT! Password Authentication is deprecated and will be removed from VSA shortly. We strongly recommend making the switch to access tokens in BMS.
  • Access tokens are introduced in VSA to replace password authentication for API connections. Switch to the VSA Access token option on the RMM settings page. Refer to the guide here


  • Expiry notifications are enhanced. The status of the quote will be automatically updated to expired when the date has passed.  Find the detailed guide here.

Kaseya One - Technology Preview 

  • Application Launcher
    • App launcher is introduced inside Vorex, Users with Kaseya One account can access all of their Kaseya Apps under the Application Launcher available in the far right corner of the Vorex top header.
    • When a user authenticates using “Login with IT Complete”, the “K” icon at the top right corner is replaced by the Application Launcher waffle icon.mceclip2.pngmceclip3.png

Hardware assets 

Bulk delete assets: In Service Desk, Hardware assets - the Batch Actions button is available to enable users to perform bulk deletion of assets.


Release Notes

New Service Desk

Search your activities bar supports searching for Internal notes in addition to Public notes.

Service Desk

Admin > Service Desk > Email Parser > Add Original Email as Attachment option is no longer available.

Service Desk

Admin > Business Processes > Workflow > Notifications tab: Include Internal Notes option is set to No by default for new workflows.


For Ticket CCs in Notifications, CC's can be emailed without other dependants' POCs. The CC email addresses will be filled in the TO of the email sent.


Ticket creation using API will apply the default contract automatically.


Linking tickets to tasks have been enhanced to support in All Projects > Tasks and My Tasks pages. Find the detailed guide here.


In Ad-Hoc Reports, for Inventory > Delivery Product Charge category, the AssetType field is added.


Deliver charges will Create Asset as Hardware by default.


The login pages are re-designed to match the look and feel required for IT Complete.

New Service Desk

Fixed: Unicode formats are supported in the New Service Desk ticket fields.

New Service Desk

Fixed: When sharing a view, the settings for save and apply work as expected.


Fixed: API Documentation has been updated to show "IsDefaultcontract": "true" for GET contracts and GET all contracts.

Service Desk

Fixed:Admin> Business process> Ticket time entry template > [%Start Date%] shows correct value.

Service Desk

Fixed: Home > My Templates >Ticket Note Template fields show correct ticket field values.

Service Desk

Fixed: Home > My Templates >Ticket Note Template> "First name" and "Contact" fields show correct value.

Service Desk

Fixed: Ticket creation for Unknown tickets was blocked if 8px= was found in the ticket description's HTML code.


Fixed: Changes to a quote were not reflected when printing the quote after regeneration.

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