How do I add a user?

You can add your users at will based on your available licenses. 

Note: Usernames may only contain the following characters.

  • "US English" Numbers & letters.
  • Uppercase & lowercase
  • Period, dash and underscore.

Once logged into your On-Demand tenant you will be able to add a new user following these steps.

  1. Select Directory Manager.

  2. Click or Hover on the Blue Plus sign in the bottom right corner.

  3. You will now be prompted to create either a single user or import users via .CSV


Adding a Single User

  1. To add a Single User select the icon

  2. Enter the Display Name, Email Address, Username. Select the Provisioning Policy as per your needs.

    Note: You can also set a specific password for the first log in by enabling the "want us to generate secure password for you?" option

  3. Once you are satisfied with the configuration select Add User

Adding Multiple Users

  1. To add several users via CSV please select

  2. Step 1 - Create your import CSV using the download example presented or the one attached to this article.

  3. Step 2 - Upload the CSV

  4. Select the Provisioning Policy as per your needs.

  5. Select Add Users when you are satisfied with the entry.


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