Adding OpenID Connect for DarkWeb ID

Note: For legacy AuthAnvil On-Demand customers, before attempting this guide please make sure you are signed in via your Passly tenant login.
Passly Example:




Passly Configuration

Creating the OpenID Connect Agent

  1. Go to Auth Manager -> Agents
    1. Click the + button in the bottom right to add a new agent
  2. This will open the Add New Agent screen
    1. Select OpenID Connect
    2. Give the agent a Name
    3. Enter the Redirect URI:
    4. We recommend leaving the “Require Consent during Sign in” UNCHECKED.
      Checking this box will prevent login for all users except that which set up the Passly integration.
    5. You can change the image if you’d like 
      1. Click on the image
      2. Upload a file
      3. Click Select Image
  1. Click Add Agent
  2. From the list of agents, select the agent you just created
    1. Click Show Key
    2. You will need the ID, Key, and your Passly URL when you configure in Dark Web ID 


Dark Web ID Configuration 

  1. Log into Dark Web ID as a Partner Admin
    1. Navigate to Account -> My Organization
  2. Enter in the values for the Login with Passly section
    1. Tenant – this is the main URL for your Passly instance.
      Note: Do not include the “/” at the end of the URL (e.g. or
    2. Client ID – This is the ID on the Agent in Passly
    3. Client Secret – This is the Key on the Agent in Passly
  3. Click Test to test the configuration
    1. This will take you to Passly and authenticate you. Ensure that your user in Dark Web ID exists and is Active in Passly.
    2. If you are already logged into Passly with this user, it will not make you login again.
    3. You should get a message that the connection test was successful
  4. Click Save to save the configuration


Logging into Dark Web ID with Passly

Now that you have it configured, simply go to the login screen, enter your email address and click Login With Passly


If you are not already logged into Passly, you will need to authenticate there and then you will be redirected back to Dark Web ID logged in. If you are already logged into Passly, it will attempt to log you into Dark Web ID as that user.

Setting Up Users in Passly

Now that we have the connection established and tested, let’s add more users. There are other options available if you need, such as Sync with Active Directory and CSV file Import.

Check out this KB for steps on setting users up.

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