Changes needed for SSO with IT Glue before AuthAnvil End Of Life

AuthAnvil will retire on Dec 31st, 2023.

Many legacy AuthAnvil On-Premises & AuthAnvil On-Demand customers have integrated Passly with IT Glue to provide SAML Access to IT Glue.

The IT Glue App would have been configured following this article

AuthAnvil End of Life Notice - AuthAnvil Products End of Life Notification – Kaseya

AuthAnvil On-Demand is Passly - AuthAnvil On-Demand Rebranded Passly – Kaseya

In order for IT Glue SSO with Passly work properly changes need to be done on both sides.

Note: Changes on both sides need to be done at the same time, as they are dependent.

Passly Application Updates

In Passly you will need to update the following:

  1. Navigate to SSO Manager
  2. Select Application Library.
  3. Select the IT Glue Application
  4. Select Protocol Setup

    Identity Issuer – needs to change to *.passly.*, if previously was *.authanvil.*
  5. Select Save Changes

IT Glue Application Changes

You will need to make the following update in IT Glue:

  1. Select Account.
  2. Select Authentication
  3. Under the Single Sign on you will find the SAML Settings. The following will need to be updated. 
    Issuer URL – needs to change to *.passly.*, if previously was *.authanvil.*
    SAML Login Endpoint URL – needs to change to *.passly.*, if previously was *.authanvil.*
    SAML Logout Endpoint URL – needs to change to *.passly.*, if previously was *.authanvil.*
  4. Save the changes.

You should be able to test the logins using a regular browser by logging into Passly or IT Glue and using the SAML Application for authentication. 

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