Adding the Virtual System Administrator (VSA) for Single Sign On

To add the Virtual System Administrator (VSA) application from the Single Sign On catalogue follow these steps.

Log into yourPassly tenant 

  1. Select Directory Manager.
  2. Select Groups.
    Select the plus sign in the bottom right corner.

    Name the Group VSA Users.
    Select ADD GROUP.
  3. Select SSO Manager.
  4. Select the plus sign in the bottom right corner.

  5. Select Kaseya 
  6. This will allow you to begin to configure the Application.

  7. Select Application is Enabled

  8. Select Protocol Setup

    You will need to update the following to reflect your public Kaseya web address.
    If your VSA server supports an HTTPS connection, please enter the the URLs reflect that to ensure there is secure communication and encryption in place.
    Assertion Consumer Service URL
    Service Entity ID (Issuer)
  9. Select Attribute Transformation.

  10. Select remove on the existing attribute.

  12. Select Add Custom Attribute Map.

  13. Add the following attributes.
    Attribute Value: {User.PrincipleName}
    Issue As type:

  14. This should only leave the following attribute.

    Select Permissions.
  15. Select ADD GROUP.
    Select the VSA Users Group.
    Select ADD GROUP.
  16. Select Add Application.

 This should bring you to the Application Library.

  1. Select Kaseya.
  2. Select Signing and Encryption.
  3. Select Download Certificate.

Note: You will need this certificate to complete the module configuration within VSA.

Next you will need give the user access to the VSA Users group. This will allow the users to see the Kaseya VSA App in the Launchpad.
Select Directory Manager.

Select Groups.

Select the VSA Users group.

Select Add groups icon.

Select the users you wish to add to the group. Select ADD USERS.


Configure AuthAnvil Module within Virtual System Administrator (VSA)

  1. Log into Virtual System Administrator (VSA).
  2. Select AuthAnvil.
  3. Select Configure Kaseya Logon.

  4. Under Kaseya Single Sign On Configuration
  5. Select enable Single Sign On to Kaseya.
    Update the Reply to URLhttps://(YourKaseyaServer)/vsapres/web20/core/ssologin.aspx
    Note: Replace (YourKaseyaServer) with the fully qualified domain name of your Virtual System Administrator (VSA) Server.
    Upload the certificate previously downloaded from the AuthAnvil Server.

  6. Select Save Settings.

You should now be able to log into Virtual System Administrator (VSA) via the tenant launchpad.

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