How can I use 2FA?

What is 2FA?

"2FA" refers to Multi-factor Authentication. In short this is a process of adding an additional layer of security beyond simply a username & password.

We often are asked "where can I actually use 2FA?". This is a pretty vague and often troubling question for customers. Multi-factor Authentication has several uses. 

  • Protecting Windows desktop logins.
  • Adding 2FA to a VPN or other appliance that supports RADIUS.
  • Adding 2FA to your RMM (Remote Management) tool.
  • Adding 2FA to popular PSA (Professional Services Automation) Tools.
  • Adding your own customer integration using our publicly available API.


Windows desktops

Whether you are using a Windows Desktop, Laptop, Workstation or Server we can add a Windows Credential Provider to add an 2FA requirement to the login.
Note: This agent does not replace the existing Windows login requirement of username/password. The agent will only add a third requirement for an Passly passcode.

Want to know how to install a Windows Credential Provider? Please see this section.


VPN's and other appliances that support RADIUS

If you are working with an appliance or device that has support for RADIUS

  • What is RADIUS? You might want to check out this article from Wikipedia.
  • How Should I setup RADIUS?
  • How can I add a RADIUS agent?
  • How can I find documentation on setting up my VPN or Appliance to use RADIUS?
    - First consult with your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for the appliance or device you are considering using RADIUS. Each appliance/device and version has different settings that can be used. Your OEM is your best resource.

Adding 2FA to RMM (Remote Management) tools

  • Kaseya VSA (Virtual System Administrator) supports both SAML and 2FA logins. Please check out this Kaseya / ID Agent Integrations section for more information.
  • LabtechSolarwinds NableContinuum all have integrations that support 2FA that they maintain. Please check out this section for more information.

Adding 2FA to PSA (Professional Services Automation) tools.

  • You can add 2FA to both Autotask and Connectwise. Both companies maintain their own integration that is designed to work with Passly. Please check out this section for more information on the configuration.

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