How do I perform a cross-org restore?

To restore your backed up Salesforce data into another organization, please first check that your destination org is ready by referencing this Knowledge Base article.  When ready to restore, follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Spanning Backup for Salesforce Account.

2. Click the "Restore" button from the dashboard.

3. Select "Different Org".

4. Click Authorize Org to authorize Spanning Backup to restore your data into the desired org.  When prompted, enter the login credentials for your destination org.

5. Ensure that your destination org is properly configured to receive the restored data by confirming all of the listed settings.  Once all settings are confirmed, check the box for "I have completed the steps listed above", and then click Next.

6. Click the "Upload CSV" button.

7. Upload a CSV containing all of the 18 digit object IDs that you want to restore.  The column header for the CSV should be "id" with all of the desired IDs listed below.  The maximum file size allowed for the CSV is 100MB.  An example of CSV is shown below:

8. Select the date from which you want to restore and then click "Verify".  You can either wait while the verification is running, or choose to go back to the Spanning Dashboard.  You will also be notified by email and Chatter when the verification is complete.

9. If you returned to the Spanning Dashboard, you can click the "Completed multi-record CSV Verification" link from the recent activity page on the dashboard once the verification is completed.

10. Confirm that the uploaded data is correct.  When ready, click 'Next'.

11. Choose whether or not to include children in the restore process.

12. If you would like to overwrite any of the values of desired fields during the restore, check the 'Overwrite field values' option.  Select the fields that you want to overwrite and then choose Random Value or Specific Value to input the values you want to be inserted. Alternatively, you can choose “Saved Preset” if you would like to reuse saved overwrite values.  Click here to learn more about saving overwrite values to reuse them for future restores.  When ready, click Next.  For more information on example use cases to overwrite field values during the restore process, please see this Knowledge Base article:

13. Confirm the restore action by clicking 'Restore'.

13.  When the restore has completed, you will be able to view the restore summary by clicking on the "Cross-Org Restore' link in the Recent Activity section of the dashboard.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Spanning Support.

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