How do I restore data back into Salesforce?

If you want to restore multiple records at once, please refer to this Knowledge Base article:
What is Spanning Backup for Salesforce Bulk Restore?

Page Restore Button:
To restore previous versions of individual objects directly back into Salesforce, follow these steps:

1. Click the “Restore” button from any object page

2. Select the backup version and individual fields you would like to restore and click confirm

3. Review Your pending changes and when ready, click the Restore button

4. After the restore completes, the desired data will be restored into your Salesforce instance

Please note that the on-page restore capabilities are currently only usable in the Salesforce Classic view.  This functionality is not yet available for the Salesforce Lightning View.

Universal Restore Button:
Alternatively, you can use the Universal Restore Button (URB) from any page with editable (restorable) data.  To use this Universal Restore Button, click the blue 'Spanning Restore' button from the left-side navigation menu (as shown in the screenshot below), and then follow the same steps as above to complete a restore.  This button will recognize which account object page you are on, and show you the restorable data for that object type.

Please note that if the Spanning Restore Universal Restore Button is grey (not clickable), then there is no data available to restore on that particular page.

Also, please note that if the object you are restoring has been purged from the recycle bin when Spanning restores it, it is restored with new creation date, as Spanning is inputting 'new' data back into your Salesforce instance.  If the deleted object is still in your recycle bin, however, Spanning checks this first, and simply moves it back.  As a result, this restored object would retain the original creation date.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Spanning Support.

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