What steps do I need to take before starting a Cross-Org Restore?

Before initiating a Cross-Org Restore, please follow the steps below:

1. Metadata and Customizations:
Please ensure that the metadata and customizations for both the source and destination orgs are identical so that there are no failures during the restore process.

2. Apex Triggers, Workflows and Validation Rules:
The restore process will move Objects from your source org to destination org, and this can launch triggers and workflows. Additionally, validation rules can cause errors during the restore process. We suggest you disable Apex triggers, workflows and validation rules for the destination org before starting Cross-Org Restore.

3. Storage Space:
If you are restoring data to a Sandbox, please ensure it has enough storage space available for all the Objects you would like to restore - including child and grandchild Objects, as well as attachments. To learn more about storage space limitations, see to Why has my Salesforce storage limit been reached?.

4. User Permissions:
In order for the restore to complete without errors, please ensure you have “Modify All Data” permission for the destination org. Additional details about “Modify All Data” permission can be found in this Salesforce article.

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