How do I restore SharePoint data?

To restore your backed up SharePoint data, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 account. (Note: Only Spanning Admins will have access to SharePoint Backups.)

2. Select the SharePoint tab.

3. Locate the site collection whose data you want to restore.

To filter the list by site collection name or URL, enter text in the Search Site Collections Title/URL field.

4. Click the site collection. Select View Backups from the Select Action list.

5. Contents of the backup display. Check boxes to select items to restore.

  • You can choose a specific date that you would like to restore from.
  • You can find files by searching by file name or navigating to where the file or files were located at the time of the backup.
  • You can select one or multiple files, or entire document libraries to restore.

6. Select Restore from the Select Action list.

7. Choose whether to restore to the same site collection or a different site collection. Click Next.

5. If you are restoring to a different site collection, select the site collection and click Next.

8. Click Restore. A notification displays at the top of the page indicating that the restore was initiated.

9. When the restore is complete, you receive an email notification. The restore displays on the Activity page in the Past items. Click the activity to view details about the restore, including the number of items restored and a link to access the newly created site.

Spanning restores the content in a non-destructive manner, creating a new site containing the restored content. From here, you can move the content to your OneDrive or another site in SharePoint by selecting the content, clicking Copy, and selecting the target location.
Note: OneNote Notebooks are fully supported by Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365. Due to the design of Microsoft OneNote they do require an extra step to restore them back to their original location. For details, see our guide for Restoring Microsoft OneNote.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Spanning Support.

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