How do I export SharePoint data from Spanning?

To export SharePoint data for specific SharePoint sites from Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 to your local hard drive, do the following:

  1. Select the SharePoint site from whom you want to export data, and then click the Select Action button.
  2. Select the View Backups button.

  3.  Select the files or folders that you want to export from any point-in-time backup, and then click Export in the Select Action drop-down.

  4.  Confirm the Export.

  5.  When the Export has finished compressing, return to the Activity page to download your export.

  6. The downloaded file will be a compressed .zip file. After you extract the file(s), all of your selected files will be in the same format as they were in SharePoint.

Note: The export link(s) will expire in 14 days after the export has finished compressing.

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