Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 can't restore SharePoint due to legacy naming

Issue description

It is not possible to restore SharePoint site, resulting with 99999 error code visible on Spanning UI in Problems tab:

Error code Error text
99999 This error indicates that a previously unencountered error has occurred. Our team has been notified and is investigating the issue. Contact if you would like additional information.


The reason for this issue can be legacy naming convention, no longer supported by Microsoft. Currently, no whitespaces are allowed in SharePoint URL, while they were in the past.

Troubleshooting steps

In case this problem was encountered, one of troubleshooting steps should be verification of the SharePoint URL, to see if there is no whitespace in the address.

Example of SharePoint URL that will fail (with whitespaces): Share Point

Example of correct SharePoint URL:

Possible solutions

  1. SharePoint site URL could be changed to the one without whitespaces, if data should be restored to the same SharePoint site.
  2. Data could be restored to another SharePoint site, which does not contain whitespaces in URL.

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